Meet Amber

My cup is always half full … My house is rarely dirty but almost never tidy. I will have my cake and eat it too!

I’m all about red… but the right shade of pink could win me over. I love the colour the world turns when I put my sunglasses on. The smell of hot buttered toast, yeah that…  Then there is cinnamon – what a beautiful creation. Another cup of coffee… always!

I am American but sound Scottish to other Americans… The mountains of laundry I’ve done every week for the last decade have kept me from the peaks of Kilimanjaro…  I gave birth to four of the most amazing creatures to have ever graced this earth.

I’d rather eat a meal you cooked but my Shepherds Pie is pretty amazing… as is my Sticky-Toffee Pudding. Give me one bottle of good red wine instead of three bottles bad wine. Chocolate… oh yes!  If I were an animal I would be a kitten. If I were a city I would be Paris.

I never feel the satisfaction of completing my To Do list…

The most important things in my life are my children, family and friends. I invest the best of me into those relationships. I want others to be proud of me… but I am happier when I am proud of myself.

I am a tactile wee soul… be it silk, whiskers, bear hugs, whisper-kisses, sand in my toes or the sun on my nose… I want to feel it.