What To Expect

More than anything, I am a ‘People Person’ – my goal is to discover what makes you tick.   You can expect me to look you in the eye and search your soul a little…

I will take time to chat before we start which will help you and your family to feel comfortable with me.

I understand that you want more out of me than a snapshot you could take with your own phone.  I know you have invested your time, effort and money to get something special – from me.

Expect me to work hard with you to make that happen for you and to create an experience you will want to repeat! 

Expect me to want to hold, cuddle and kiss your baby!
Expect me to enjoy your children and help them relax and have fun; and to just let them be kids!
Expect me to be silly with your toddler and respectful of Grandpa and Grandma.
Expect me to ask how your delivery went, how your teen is enjoying high school, what their favourite subjects are… or even who they fancy!
Expect me to care.
Expect the tea and coffee to flow – and you can fully expect the chat!  I love what I do because I love the people that walk through my door!

Expect to have fun!